Trezor Bridge- The only way to access Trezor Connect Applications

Trezor Bridge- The only way to access Trezor Connect Applications

Want to use a Trezor hardware wallet for offline storage of your assets? Well, if that is the case with you, I would suggest you go ahead with it without giving it a second thought. In case you have already purchased the hardware device of Trezor and want to grow your knowledge about Trezor Bridge, then this read is just for you. First of all, we shall talk about what Trezor Bridge is, and then we’ll take a look at some more aspects related to it.

Understanding what is Trezor Bridge

If you wish to own a Trezor device, it would not be wrong to say that it is a crucial application that allows your wallet as well as the supported browsers to communicate and take required actions. In short, we can say that Trezor Bridge is a program that runs in the background and the users need not interact with this app directly. As soon as you install this application, it will start to run in the background so that you can enjoy the functionality of your Trezor device properly. If you wish to make use of its full-featured services, then you can do so by using it in relation to the Trezor Chrome extension.

How to check if Trezor Bridge is running?

If you are facing any struggle while installing the Trezor wallet on your device or you are not able to take any action on your Trezor device, then there are a few things that you need to understand. First of all, you should understand whether or not, Trezor Suite is running properly. If it is running properly, you should check if Trezor Bridge is running properly in the background:

  • On your Windows device, you can go to the “Task Manager” and use its search bar to look for “trezord”
  • If you are using it on Mac, you can go to the “Activity Monitor” and look for “trezord”
  • On Linux, you can go to the “System Monitor” and look for “trezord-go”

Steps to install and use Trezor Bridge on your device

If you are new to Trezor Wallet, we suggest you install Trezor Bridge on your device to smoothly operate your wallet and utilize the services offered by Trezor Connect applications. This includes Applications such as MyEtherWallet, NEM NanoWallet, or MyCrypto applications. In short, we can say that if you do not have Trezor Bridge on your device, connecting to these apps is next to impossible. To use Trezor Bridge, follow the steps given below:

  1. First, you should navigate to the official website of Trezor
  2. Or jump directly to
  3. Choose the operating system from the given drop-down list
  4. Following this, you can select “Download the latest Bridge”
  5. Now, open the downloaded file and follow the installation prompts
  6. Further, you must connect your Trezor wallet to your PC using the given USB
  7. After the installation of Trezor Bridge, you can restart your browser

Fix Connectivity issues with the Trezor Bridge

If, after Trezor Bridge on your device, you are facing any kind of connectivity issues, then you can follow the troubleshooting tips that I have mentioned in this article:

  • In case you are facing recurring connectivity issues, you must clear off your browser cache and cookies
  • Then, make sure your device has the latest version of the Trezor Bridge
  • If you are using any Firewall, Antivirus, or any other extension, please disable it for sometime
  • To make sure you do not face any technical glitches, please ensure that you run one program with Trezor at a time because running multiple programs could be problematic
  • Make sure that you are using only supported web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox
  • You can also switch to using the program in an incognito mode


If you have recently purchased a Trezor hardware wallet for safekeeping your crypto assets, then I am sure that you are struggling with a few things. To help you in this matter, I have given comprehensive details on using Trezor Bridge that will help you enjoy all the exclusive features of this wallet.

Disclaimer** The sole intention behind the creation of this website is to train and guide our readers about using Trezor Wallet. We are not the official website of Trezor and we disclaim the ownership of the brand name, logos, and images used here. These are only referential.